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  • A Sagging Roof Deck– If your roof deck is sagging, then it’s time to replace your roof! Your roof may not be structurally sound if it’s sagging and requires expert roofing attention.
  • Signs Of Water Damage Or Leaking– If your residential roof show signs of water damage on the ceiling, along the walls or in the insulation of your attic, a visual check is always first on the list prior to doing a reroof. If this confirms the wetness felt or seen, contacting a professional roofing company like America Home Crafters Remodeling should be the next step.
  • Dark Spots And Trails Or Other Discoloration Issues– Sometimes, stains or trails can both be indicators that you need to replace your roof. You could have a long-term leakage requiring a new roof installation.
  • Outside Light Shows Through The Roof– If light is coming in through your roof boards, that could indicate a very serious problem.
  • Cracked, Torn Or Missing Shingles– This is another one of the no-need-for-explanation signs that you need a reroof or need to install a new residential roof for your home.
  • Loose Material Or Wear Around Chimneys, Pipes or Vents– Loose fittings are commonly the cause for larger roofing problems, which is why you should be careful and check them closely. A soft and warped roof is definitely in need of repair – and an inspection is the way to prove it.
  • Signs of Moisture, Mold or Rot– Starting as soft spots or streaks, these issues can lead to damaged shingles and ultimately to the replacement of your whole roof.

Deciding to replace your roof or choosing what type of roof to get on your new home are both major decisions you should think about before making your investment. If you’d like to know more or to get a FREE no cost, no obligation, absolutely no pressure Estimate, call us now at (800) 964-0741.