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Tips on how to choose the right contractor. The cheapest is not always the best priced

Many homeowners get multiple quotes before choosing a contractor just like all the experts tell them to do.  Yet, you have many homeowners who are unhappy with the work the contractor has done for them.  Some choose the cheapest contractor.  The only way a contractor can be cheaper in price than someone doing a job right, is they have to be faster, they have to operate cheaper, and or they have to cut costs.


Being faster

Being faster usually means cutting corners – doing a job that requires 10 steps, in 8 steps can save a few dollars today, but can cost you more money and grief later. 


Operating cheaper

Part of the cost of doing any job is the cost of conducting business right.  That’s having proper business licenses’, insurance, and trained experience professional staff.  Companies could save a lot of money not having insurance or being underinsured, using day workers, cheap laborers, and or foreigners.  Having an experienced skilled installer will cost you more money today, but not having one will cost you all kinds of problems, and thousands of dollars tomorrow. 


Cutting cost

Many times, homeowners getting 3, 4, or 5 quotes don’t always compare apples to apples.  Unfortunately, some contractors quote manufactures warranties and don’t install per the manufacture instructions leaving homeowners with no warranty at all.  What’s worse, some homeowners don’t know what product they’re getting, how it’s going to be installed, and what true warranties they’re getting.


For homeowners in the Tri-state area they can call America Home Crafters Remodeling for a free no cost home evaluation from a trained professional. We give homeowners a piece of mind, having them avoid common problems associated with other contractors.  We offer premium products, trained experienced installers with the best installation practices, and priced right.  So, your home remodeling project gets done right the first time.  That’s why so many homeowners love America Home Crafters Remodeling


We have our 7 guarantee commitments to homeowners:

1)      Professional experience with everyone you encounter

2)      Exact pricing

3)      Detailed description of what we are doing and not doing

4)      Detailed description of the products that we are using and how they will be installed

5)      Trained experienced professional installers

6)      All professional business information clearly displayed

7)      All warranties and guarantees fully disclosed and defined   


To enjoy the same piece of mind that so many homeowners in the Tri-state area have experienced, schedule a free quote today for your home remodeling needs.